“Fatherhood brought out the best in me” – Patoranking

Popular Nigerian reggae dancehall artiste, Patoranking has revealed that fatherhood has brought out the best in him.

The singer disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Olaitun Ganiu of The Nation newspaper on Saturday, December 19.

In the interview, he spoke on the future of reggae, his biggest risk as well as plans for the New Year, 2021.

NOWADAYS, many Nigerians believe that there is a loss in the integrity of reggae music, what would be your response to this?

I don’t see a loss, most certainly don’t feel it. It’s like wine, it appreciates with age and you must understand it is not for everybody.

"Fatherhood brought out the best in me" - Patoranking

What does reggae/dancehall music mean to you?

It means a lot. It is a very deep yet conscious genre of music. Reggae resonates with who I am.

Who are your musical influences?

Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks and many others.

Tell us about your newest album, ‘Three’ and the idea behind the name?

It is my third decade on earth (I turned 30 in May), it’s my 3rd album, good things come in threes, it represents the trinity. It means a whole lot and it adds up.

Abule is one of the biggest songs in Nigeria, what’s the source of inspiration for the song?

In Abule (Village), where I grew up, I realised I have sang about many angles of my growth from the ghetto but not about the party lifestyle there.

Would it be right to say growing up in the ghetto strengthened your lyrics?

It influenced me a lot because so much happened around me while growing up there. The lifestyle, the people, it was a different vibe in the community – a whole different world.

Tell us the biggest risk you took in attaining fame?

Mostly financial. I invested in myself and my music. More than half of what I make goes right back into Patoranking.

Since you hit the limelight with Alubarika in 2013, what has evolved about your craft?

Everything evolved, my thought process, writing style, delivery, especially when I am performing live, I always make sure I enjoy myself and of course, happiness is contagious.

You sang in Yoruba dialect in your feature with Qdot’s Alagbe. How were you able to do that?

I speak Yoruba very well. I’m quite fluent.

How did fatherhood affect your music career?

Definitely, positive. If I was good before, I became better and am still aiming for the best version of me. Fatherhood makes me strive for such.

"Fatherhood brought out the best in me" - Patoranking

What are your plans for the year 2021?

I have a lot but you know I like the element of surprise. One thing for sure, though, is that the ‘Patoranking Experience 2’ will be happening in February 2021 with respect to the COVID-19 protocols obviously.

Can you shed light on your recent partnership with the African Leadership University?

I partnered with ALU to sponsor full scholarships for 10 exceptional students from across Africa to university. Specifically students who couldn’t afford to further their education like myself at the time.

What’s your definition of poverty?

The inability to inwardly produce, provide or give so little as a smile, happiness to someone else. Poverty is deeper than absence of finances.

What are your fears?

Not being able to help people, not making an impact enough to make a change.

What’s your take on religion?

I have no take to voice out. I believe people have their beliefs. Mine is personal with God.

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