“U Don’t Have House on D Island or Even Mainland, U Dey Wear Timberland”: Portable Shades Shallipopi

Famous Nigerian Street-pop artist Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, recently stirred emotions online after a video of him shading his colleague, Shallipopi, went viral. Portable’s comments about Shallipopi came hours after a clip of the latter showing off his new Timberland shoes, which he had just acquired.

Reacting to Shallipopi’s video, Portable slammed the Edo-born singer for living a flamboyant lifestyle while not considering his future.

Portable trolls Shallipopi about not owning a house

In the viral clip, Portable trolled Shallipopi about not owning a house on the island or the mainland but yet spending lavishly on things that don’t matter.

He noted that he needs help understanding what message Shallipopi is trying to pass by posting a video of himself holding a cutlass while rocking a Timberland.

Portable also slammed Shallipopi, calling him a farmer’s boy, which in this context meant artists who pay farming streams to help them boost their songs.

Watch the video of Portable trolling Shallipopi below:

Reactions trail video of Portable trolling Shallipopi

Here are some of the comments that trailed Portable’s video about Shallipopi’s:


“Mugu we see you wey get house for banana island, you first am blow but he get fan base pass you, get sense pass you, get money pass you and everything else mugu very dirty celeb.”


“This isn’t the first time portable go call out shali lol but what makes me happy is the fact that shallipopi no go reply.”


“This one go just day fight everybody to stay relevant.”


“You wear Timberland you no get land for island, banana island, victoria island who you one go cut grass for.”


“Sha no price Benin boys.”


“Portable omolomo he gats chase clout and drag people to be relevant.”


“Portable na the 2nd or 3rd time you don Dey fight this guy wey never talk to you once!!’ Nobody go support you for this one oh!!! As you Dey do ur things online wey Dey annoy people, others get as dem Dey do their own too!! So you expect am to post receipt if him acquire any property Abi!!! Misplaced priority.”


“If him buy land him go Come tell you ode.”


“This Yoruba man Dey like want try Benin man …Make Una nor start war way Una nor go fit finish oh.”


“You think say shali be like you wey Dey tell people everything you do online.”
Shallipopi explains why he rejected over N500m deals

Recalls reporting how singer Shallipopi walked away from a $500k deal after some persons wanted to buy the rights to his songs, Elon Musk and Shapiru.

The singer shared while he was on the podcast “Zero Condition” that the money in music sometimes feels like a ritual.

He noted how he turned down a N580m deal that would have seen him sell the rights to his songs Elon Musk and Shapiru

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