Actress, Motilola Akinlami, Shares Reason She Rejected A Role After Being Paid

A Nollywood actress, scriptwriter and producer, Motilola Akinlami, during an interview with The Nigerian Tribune, spoke about herself, her journey into Nollywood and many more.


When she was asked if she has ever said “no” to a project because the content or message was not right in the movie industry, she said she once turned down a movie role, despite the fact that she had been paid. She said a day to when she was supposed to go on set, she kept asking for the script from the movie director but refused, until she threatened not to come to the movie location.

She said, “I told the director I wasn’t going to leave my house unless I saw the script. He sent it and when I opened the script and 90 percent of the script was about sex and performing sex positions and all, I rejected the job.”

Further talking, she said, “However, but that is not to say the movie was a bad one but it is not just how I want to put through to my brand, and that just did not agree with my values, and my brand. I had to refund their money and apologise. It caused a lot of issues that time.”

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