Top 20 Most Powerful Passports In 2024 [Full List]

Nomad Passport Index has named Switzerland as the country with the most powerful passport in 2024.

According to Nomad Capitalist, a consulting firm, factors responsible for the passports strength include visa-free travel, taxation, global perception, ability to hold dual citizenship status, and personal freedom.

The five criteria have a weighted index of Visa-free travel — 50%, Taxation — 20%, Global perception —10%, Ability to hold dual citizenship — 10%, Personal freedom (freedom of the press, mandatory military service, etc.) — 10%.

See the list of the top 20 passports in 2024:

1. Switzerland

2. Ireland

3. Portugal

4. Luxembourg

5. Finland

6. UAE

7. Netherlands

8. Norway

9. Germany

10. New Zealand

11. Iceland

12. Italy

13. Greece

14. Sweden

15. Czech Republic

16. Malta

17. United Kingdom

18. Belgium

19. Denmark

20. France

Meanwhile, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has announced the arrest of four individuals in connection with a thwarted “terror” plot, linked to the devastating attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall last month, which resulted in the deaths of more than 140 people.

Naija News recalls that the attack, which took place on March 22, saw gunmen storming the concert venue and setting it ablaze, marking the deadliest act of violence in Russia in two decades.

In a statement released on Monday, the FSB disclosed that the arrests were made in the southern Dagestan region on Sunday.

The apprehended group is accused of being “directly involved in the financing and supply of terrorist means to the perpetrators of the terrorist act carried out on 22 March in the Crocus City Hall in Moscow.”

This development follows the Russian National Anti-terrorism Committee’s announcement on Sunday that three individuals planning a series of terrorist crimes had been detained.

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