Ahmed Musa explains why he refused to shake governor’s hand in viral video

Footballer, Ahmed Musa has reacted after a video of him refusing to shake the governor of Kano Statewent viral.

Ahmed Musa explains why he refused to shake governor

In the viral video,  Musa is seen refusing to accept a handshake offered to him by Kano state governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.


While some called it a sign of disrespect, others said it was a sign of respect and that Musa was just sending the message that he wasn’t worthy to shake the governor’s hand.


The Super Eagles’ Captain has now reacted.


He shared the video being discussed on Instagram and wrote: “It has come to my attention that a moment captured almost a month ago, has unexpectedly become the centre of attention on social media.


“It’s disheartening to see a simple act of cultural respect blown out of proportion. In our Northern culture, the gesture of kneeling, shaking hands etc signifies the highest form of respect. This was my intention when I greeted the Deputy Governor in such a manner.


“However, when it came to greeting the Governor, I chose to bow and not shake his hands, honouring him in a way that is deeply rooted in tradition.


“It’s unfortunate that amidst all the pressing issues our nation faces – economic hardships, security challenges, religious clashes and more – this seemingly insignificant moment has garnered so much attention.”


He continued: “What’s even more disheartening are the comments questioning my respectfulness, especially from those who don’t know me personally. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on where we choose to direct our energy. Shouldn’t it be towards finding solutions to the problems plaguing our society rather than getting caught up in needless distractions?

“I urge us all to channel our collective efforts towards addressing the real issues at hand. Let’s focus on uplifting one another, fostering unity, and working towards a better future for all. And with this, I rest my case. #FocusOnWhatMatters #CulturalRespect #UnityInDiversity.”


Ahmed Musa explains why he refused to shake governor

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