Surrogate mum cries out as baby’s family returns 1 year after rejecting child

A surrogate mother who carried a child for a rich couple has shared her experience one year after the contract.

The lady identified as @chelsea_lugard on TikTok narrated that the couple had refused to take the baby after she gave birth because they had serious marital issues.

Surrogate mum in dilemma seeks help from netizens

Surrogate confused on whether to keep baby

According to her, the couple even went to the extent of divorcing after she gave birth and none of them agreed to take the baby from her.

She took care of the baby herself because the money they paid her only lasted three months.

After bonding with the baby for one year, the couple came back together and now wanted their baby but she has no plans of returning the child.

She has pleaded for advice from netizens, asking them what she should do.

She wrote:

“I am a surrogate mother I helped a very rich couple birth a baby. Something happened and they got divorced after birthing the child. Neither of them wanted the child anymore. I and the baby survived on the remains of the money they paid me. Wasn’t even enough to go for 3 months But we strived.

“I bonded so well with the child Cus we do practically everything together and in the same space. The couple are back together after a year and they want their child. I love her so much & I can’t let go.”

Reactions as surrogate mother seeks advice

Netizens stormed the comments section to react with many advising her to to involve the court.

@hope35228 said:

“I think you should give them their child and they should pay you for the inconveniences even if you guys have bonded, she’s still not yours.”

Mimi Choice said:

“The stroy line no go well sha. If truly they are back for their child, just charge them for damages. They should compensate u. Don’t forget, do child.”

@mmanoka said:

“Take them to court they not even ashamed of themselves.”

Queen110 reacted:

“You can prove their unfit parents for the child and get the court to name you the guardian while they take care of the child while she’s with you.”

@user8821762578756 said:

“Take them to court, let them sign that no matter what happens, the child won’t suffer,and you can also be the third parent to the child.”

Anne Nitta reacted:

“The child isn’t yours and isn’t your blood so you can only take them to court for compensation and protection for the child incase they do that again.”

Chichi Babes reacted:

“Give them the Child, Have Have same court Agreement to enables the safety of the child and they must compansate you.”

@oghomwen said:

“Dont let her go take them to court.”

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