Men are crazy, but I want one in my bed

Nigerian songstress and Afrobeat queen, Tiwa Savage, sparked a wave of discussion on Sunday night with her statement about men.

In an industry where artists often tiptoe around controversial topics, Tiwa Savage isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

In her statement, Tiwa said, “Men are crazy, but she still wants one in her bed,” sparking comments and reactions from the male folk.

For Tiwa Savage, known for her empowering anthems and unapologetic attitude, this statement is emblematic of her fearless approach to love and desire.

While acknowledging the “craziness” often associated with men, Tiwa Savage’s desire for companionship underscores the universal longing for connection and intimacy.

Savage’s statement about men has ignited a firestorm of controversy on social media platforms, with many men expressing outrage and criticism.

On social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Instagram, hashtags denouncing Tiwa Savage’s statement have gained traction, with users voicing their displeasure and calling for her to apologize.

Memes and sarcastic remarks abound as users mock her assertion and question her understanding of male psychology.

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