AY Makun unveils son on stage, addresses speculations of having a child outside wedlock

Nigerian comedian AY Makun quashes rumors of fathering a child outside of wedlock by proudly showcasing his son during a live show.

On March 19, AY sparked intrigue by sharing a post on Instagram, marking his son’s 17th birthday and unveiling him to the public. This revelation sparked widespread speculation, as AY and his wife, Mabel, were only known to have two daughters.

Amid swirling rumors linking his son to marital discord, AY took the opportunity during a recent AY Live performance to bring his son on stage and extend warm wishes upon his arrival in Nigeria.

Dispelling any conjecture about an extramarital child, AY clarified that his son is, in fact, his sister’s child.

In response to AY’s revelation, online reactions varied:

– Promoting Nigeria remarked, “No need to explain. Let anyone believe whatever they want.”
– Depsy expressed relief, stating, “Wow, thank God he has addressed the issue…”
– GARBA quipped, “AY seems to be explaining endlessly without evidence.”
– TAO brought up another issue, stating, “I’m still waiting for him to address why he slapped his wife in public.”

AY’s public acknowledgment of his son aims to put to rest any unfounded speculation and reinforce transparency amidst public scrutiny.

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