Nigerians React To Trending Video Of Mohbad’s Father Wearing His Late Son’s Clothes And Defending His Action


There is a buzz on social media as Nigerians are reacting to a viral video featuring Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, wearing the late singer’s clothes and offering an explanation for his actions.

The father of the deceased singer has been spotted a few times rocking what many say are his son’s clothes.

An interviewer accosted him recently and asked him to react to the concerns of some Nigerians who believe it is inappropriate for him to wear his late son’s clothes.

Responding, Mr Aloba said; ‘’That question is not what I can be answering but my focus now is the justice for my son but let me just answer that in a brief way. He is my son and I can wear his clothes because we are the same size and anybody that has that kind of a son and cannot share with him, that means that person doesn’t love the son.

“I could remember the day they wanted to go and do introduction that leads to engagement, he bought me a shoe and said daddy this is what you are going to wear. I said this is bigger than me and I don’t want this kind of a bogus (shoe)..He wante dto blend me. He is my son and he is a friend to me. My focus now is justice for Mohbad. He is my son, I wear his clothes. Whoever that wants to say anything should say whatever they like.”

“Many Nigerians have reacted to his comments and his action. While some find it weird, others argue that he should be allowed to do whatever he likes as people mourn differently.”

Watch the video of him speaking below:

Below are some of the different reactions…

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