A young Nigerian lady identified as Tosin Bello shares the transformation her body underwent during the pregnancy of her newborn baby.

A video making the rounds on TikTok, shared by @Tosinbellob showed the unexpected changes she went through in her third trimester.

Tosin went through a serious hyperpigmentation that made her complexion go from a chocolate tone to completely dark.

Teasing herself in the video, she emphasized how she almost became invisible at some point toward the delivery of her child.

Lady shares shocking body transformation during pregnancy

“Pregnancy is not anyone’s mate,” she captioned the video.

The video has since generated a buzz on social media from many who applauded her strength and that of women in general.

Reactions as lady shares her body transformation during pregnancy

Mai said: “Yall im scared does pregnancy nose go back down after?”

Tash opined: “I refuse to believe this is the same person .”

ii_am_jameal❤ penned: “You didn’t have to come that close to the camera I was a bit scared.”

Olori wrote: “I was like “it can’t be that bad” then I shouted “Jesus Christ “ it is well.”

tallherknee said: “Blood of Jesus…I was shocked…omoo if the pikin no resemble me, blood go flow o.”

Watch the video below …