Reactions As Shehu Sani Reveals 2 States In Northwest That Bandits Don’t Attack And Reasons For That



Amidst the insecurity challenges facing Nigeria’s Northwest region, former lawmaker Shehu Sani has highlighted Kano and Jigawa states as relative safe havens from the rampant banditry and terrorism afflicting other parts of the area. In a recent statement on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, Sani credited the states’ ability to withstand such attacks to the dedicated security efforts of past and present administrations, as well as the proactive vigilance of residents themselves.



Sani emphasized that the investments made by Kano and Jigawa’s governments to bolster security infrastructure and rapid response capabilities have paid dividends. But equally crucial has been the role played by citizens who remain alert and quickly report suspicious activities to authorities. This collaboration between officials and the public has been key to thwarting potential threats.

The former lawmaker’s comments have drawn a mix of reactions. Some have applauded the productive partnership between Kano/Jigawa’s leadership and populace as a model for addressing insecurity. Others see the two states as an encouraging example that dedicated security focus and community engagement can make a positive difference.

Sani’s statement has reignited calls for other states in the Northwest to mirror the strategies employed in Kano and Jigawa. Many argue that increased security funding combined with heightened public awareness and vigilance could help create safer conditions across the region plagued by bandit and terrorist violence.






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