“You sure say na car you dey celebrate” – Netizens berates lady for displaying her car seductively

Netizens slammed a lady for displaying her car in a seductive manner after getting it back in a better condition from the mechanic following an accident.

A lady, identified on Instagram as Real Uche Okoye, excitedly showed off her car in a better condition after it got bashed in an accident.

Lady shows off her car in a seductive manner

She expressed her excitement while appreciating one Mr. Dave for helping her fix her car following the accident.

On the caption, she wrote: “I’m happy again God bless me Dave and his entire generation for being good to me ”

However, netizens berated the lady for showing off her car in a provocative manner.

Lady's car after the accident

Check out some reactions…

christian_diro4 stated: “You are showing us something there ”

browncandddy asked: “Hope your mama know say you dey shake yansh for social media ”

t7rc2018 reacted: “You will know those who feed their parents and other family members! NO way you come from a decent background and you act like this!!!”

Wesley queried: “She dey celebrate car abi she get another mission” 

ahkachukwu wrote: “A car and also showing us how she’s going to payback Go girl God bless Dave”



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