“E don reach like this?” – Nigerians react to trending video of noodles sold in nylon

Nigerians bemoan the country’s dire economic situation and food scarcity in the wake of a viral video showing noodles being sold in nylon bags.

As the price of indomie noodles in the country has skyrocketed amid the ongoing economic crisis, Nigerians seems to have found an alternative in order to afford to feed.

Noodles tied and sold in nylon bags

According to what was shown in the video, the trader packed small-sized noodles in nylon bags in order to sell at lower costs.

Nigerians responded to the video in droves, with many finding the trader’s attempt hilarious. Others shared their experiences regarding the unforeseen surge in food items within the nation.

Check out some reactions below…

vevogee said: “This government, na only few people understand am and I no dey among.”

knedved007 stated: “People will eat plenty expired pastas nowadays”

shantelbaby_ asked: “E don reach like this? How many wan full person ”

iamstepee wrote: “If you can’t afford full pack buy half or quarter”

jesseypot penned: “Wow has it come to this stage ”



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