8 side hustles for international students to get involved in while studying abroad.



Congratulations to you if you have gotten your visa to go study abroad. If you have a sponsor or some kind of financial funding but will not mind getting busy to earn extra cash, keep reading.

There are different jobs you can do even while studying in a foreign country as a side hustle if you have the necessary skill. The jobs include:

Become an Uber Driver

This right here is certainly the go-to for most people, especially international students. But you need to know how to drive and own a car. That way you can meet new people and network.

Hairdresser/Haircut Specialist

I heard most people learn this skill if they have plans of traveling outside the country because this can help them pay the bills. Now, you don’t have to be a female to know how to lay a wig or cut hair. Being a hairstylist is not gender-based, anybody can do it.

Dog-walking or babysitting

This is an easy way to make money while you study abroad and it does not even require and skill. You will just have to find time to do it around your busy study schedule.

Selling your unnecessary personal items

There are items that you probably would not need any more sitting in your wardrobe, while not converting that into money that can take care of your needs. You can turn this into a full-time job by starting a thrift store that would be beneficial to you. Different sites you can sell them on are ETSY, eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc. You can start by asking people around you if they would be interested in purchasing things from you. While you are still reading this, go and look in your drawer and pull out that item that you have not used in months and get selling.

Become a VA

What’s a VA? It means Virtual Assistance. There are so many people who are willing to give out mini-tasks online and are ready to pay for them. Some of these tasks might include scheduling meetings, responding to emails and calls, preparing customer spreadsheets, and keeping online records, book travel, and accommodations. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour offer these kinds of services and you can also go on LinkedIn. You will be sure to get hired.


You don’t need to have formal teaching qualifications to get a tutoring job. Parents are always looking for university students to tutor their children. You can also upload a video of you teaching a subject online. There are e-learning sites out there like Udemy, Udacity, etc. You can teach anything, you don’t have to be an expert to teach, just start from the little you know and from there you can gain more knowledge and go further in your tutoring.

Remote tech jobs

Hands down, this is my favorite. With a remote tech job, you make lots of money and when you eventually graduate, you will be comfortable. Besides the way we do things changed now in terms of working. Working remotely is the new normal. So, all you have to do is skill up and then you are good to go. You can get remote jobs on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, WeWorkRemotely, SkiptheDrive, JobSpresso.


Get active on social media.

It’s not just YouTube, you can get paid on social media apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter. There are so many platforms by which you can earn money on the internet, just document your passion and share it with the world, there would be an audience for you. Types of videos you can upload are your travel experience, your school experience, hair videos, skincare videos, workout videos etc.

My final thought on this is that I know school life is not easy but try not to rely on funding alone. Make sure you get something to do so, look around you there is a problem you can find a solution to and get paid for it, that way you get to meet people and rub minds together, you never know you might just be meeting to future business partner and whatnot. I wish you all the best!

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