The kidnapper called my dad to inform him that he wanted to marry me, he also sent him dowry- Victim


A middle-aged woman (name withheld) who escaped from kidnappers’ den after spending 3 years in captivity narrated to BBC HAUSA correspondents the challenges she faced while in captivity. The victim narrated that she was kidnapped while going for a ceremony in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State, and spent about 9 days walking with the terrorists. The victim while narrating her life experience at the hands of her abductors stated that the 3 years spent with the kidnappers were traumatizing and full of sorrows.


She narrated that while she was in the kidnappers’ den, one of their leaders saw her and said that he wanted to marry her. The victim noted that the terrorists forced her to accept the marriage proposal and called her father to send him her dowry. She explained that after marriage, she had a child for the kidnappers

Hear her, “I was sitting in his house when he (the kidnapper) entered and asked where I was from. He asked me if I would marry him but I refused, telling him that I didn’t want to marry a terrorist. He told me that that was none of his business and called my dad to inform him that he wanted to marry me, he also sent him dowry. This 2-month-old baby you are seeing with me is the child I had with the terrorist. I spent 2 years and 10 months in the kidnappers’ den before Allah helped me and my neighbor to escape from the terrorists.”

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