“From N900k to N1.4 Million”- Landlord Increases Shop Rent by N500k, Forces Businesswoman to Move

A Nigerian lady abandoned a store after the landlord raised the rent by N500,000.

Initially, the lady, a businesswoman, paid N900,000, but the landlord raised the rent to N1.4 million.

In a TikTok video tweeted by @thiasradiant_ng, the lady stated that she needed to leave the shop and continue her business from home.

She was spotted walking out of the business, with workers assisting her in packing her belongings. She said that her landlord raised the rent since he noticed that her business was doing well.

However, the lady’s business is still thriving, as she has successfully purchased a duplex.

She wrote on TikTok: “I moved my stuff back to my house, but God was not done with me. Business was booming, and within three months, we bought a duplex for my business.”

Reactions as lady buys duplex for her business

@Salvation Fubara said: “A few men ganged up against my uncle to be removed as a manager but he was removed from there to another office as a Director with a house and car. GOD!”

@ezebunanwaamaka commented: “It happens to me in festac. But today I have 8 shops in trade fair.”

@Emenike Kalu Ulu said: “My boss fired me from my job and promised to make my life miserable simply because I was demanding for my 7-month salary areas. Now I earn 4 times more than he pays me.”

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