Mechanic Crashed Content Creator Ife Luv’s Lexus Jeep Engaging On Joyride [Video]

Image: Instagram

Imagine entrusting your expensive Italian suit to a dry cleaner, only to later discover that not only did they wear it to a party, but also got into a fight, resulting in the suit being torn. The feeling of anger and betrayal would be overwhelming, right?

Well, a similar scenario recently unfolded, and it’s enough to shock anyone. We’re all familiar with the fear that comes with leaving your car with a mechanic for repairs, wondering if they’ll take it for a joyride. If you’re lucky, your car returns unscathed. But for content creator Adegoke Ifeoluwa, popularly known as Ife Luv, luck wasn’t on her side.

Ife Luv handed her expensive Lexus GX 460 to a mechanic for a minor fix. However, instead of a quick repair, the mechanic took the car for a reckless joyride, resulting in a devastating crash that left the vehicle completely wrecked. It’s a painful reminder of the risks we take when entrusting our possessions to others.

We can only hope that Ife Luv had comprehensive motor insurance to cover the cost of replacing the car, as the damage appears to be beyond repair. In a video shared by Ife, the mechanic can be seen kneeling down, seemingly remorseful, while Ife’s voice in the background reflects her heartbreak and disbelief at the situation.

She said: “See what a mechanic did to my car for crying out loud. See what a mechanic did to my car, he took the car on Friday for a minor fix for something very minor, something  I could even overlook.”

Sharing the before the accident of the car she said: “See what he did? This was the car when he took on Friday and was supposed to return it yesterday (Saturday). See, I got a call this morning now that he had an accident.”

She continued: “I don’t somebody who is not honest, I called you before I slept yesterday. You said the car was not ready, that the car would be ready this morning. So what business was a car that was not ready doing on the road, at that time?!”

“Apparently he has fixed the car, he has fixed it and was driving it. What kind of speed can you be on to have this kind of accident? If somebody was on that seat that person would die now. There’s no remedy!”

Ife Luv who made this known in a post on her Instagram page, shared the video and pictures of the damaged jeep with the caption:

“A mechanic did this to my car. I’m in pains and my heart hurts so bad! He took the car for a minor repair and was to return it yesterday. This guy told me the car wasn’t ready, apparently he’s been cruising around with it. Got a call this morning that he crashed it! 💔💔”

See the video below:


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