“Drain him until he has no strength to cheat” – Lady shares valuable tip with married women

Lady married women
Lady married women

A young Nigerian lady simply known as Benita has dished out a valuable piece of advice to married women on how to keep their husbands from cheating.

According to a tweet circulating on social media, the lady disclosed that married women should drain their husbands so they won’t get the opportunity to cheat.

The young lady stated that a woman can drain her husband by increasing level of intimacy with their husbands early in the morning before work and also after work.

She believes that this act will significantly exhaust the man to get the strength to cheat on his wife.

In her words; “Imagine fucking your husband before he leaves for work. Fucking him again when he gets back. Where will he see the strength to cheat??? drain him so that he won’t have strength for another woman”.

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