Insecurity: It Is No Longer Time To Play Politics, Let’s Give Tinubu A Chance – Bode George

'They Gave Us Uppercut' - Bode George Speaks On Why PDP Lost 2023 Presidential Election

A founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bode George, has said that the security situation in Nigeria is now beyond control.

He insisted that the dire situation no longer involved playing politics and that President Bola Tinubu had a lot of work to do.

George shared his concerns during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday.

The elder statesman urged Nigerians to give Tinubu a chance and see how well he does in office.

According to him, “The state of our nation has been completely in a shambolic situation, it is perpetual despair and despondency. There is hunger in the land and there is anger in the land; the insecurity has gone beyond control.

“So, when you look at all those things; we are all Nigerians and I listened to his (Tinubu) New Year speech and I also listened to what Chief Osoba said, this is not the time to play politics, it is our nation. He (Tinubu) has a hell of a job to do and I have listened to him. He has these eight objectives for the year, national defence, internal security, and job creation; the man who left, who was my oga, did a woeful job, he did not do well at all; they belong to the same party.

“So, we all Nigerians will give him a chance, let us see how he is going to handle it. Bola Tinubu, God will guide him – he is in the hottest seat in the whole of Africa today because for every 10 Africans, 6 are Nigerians, brilliant people. So nobody can pull any wool over our eyes, I pray for him, I pray for our country.”

The PDP chieftain also reiterated calls for state police, saying that much powers are concentrated on the shoulders of the Inspector General of Police.

“We need every state to have its police on the ground, whatever it is going to cost us because police work is communal work, it means you will employ people from that community to do the police work,” he added.

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