Cardi B allegedly left Offset broke, as she removed her money from his bank accounts

Cardi B allegedly left Offset broke by taking her money from him

Cardi B allegedly left Offset broke by taking her money from him

Cardi B always finds herself in the middle of controversy, so it seems. Every other year, it seems like she and Offset break up. Each time, they come close to a divorce, but they get back together. The couple shares two children. However, the rumors suggest Cardi won’t be as forgiving, this time. According to the rumors, she removed her money from their joint bank accounts. As a result, rumors suggest Offset is not far from being broke.

Cardi B has spent the past eight years consistently in the spotlight. First, she was on “Love & Hip Hop,” where she made close to $500,000 per season. After that, she signed a $10 million deal with Atlantic Records. Since signing that deal, Cardi has had at least one single top Billboard Hot 100 every year. As a result, her net worth has ballooned to $80 million. This has made Cardi B one of the wealthiest rappers in hip hop.

Cardi B is definitely the superstar in the relationship with Offset. However, Offset is easily the most popular member of his own crew. Over the past five years, he came into his own as a star. But, he’s only had one single top Billboard in ten years and that came with Migos. Obviously, it stands a reason that Cardi would have more money than he does. Rumors suggest she took her money from their accounts, leaving him close to broke.

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