Ondo man returns to Nigeria homeless after 30 years in UK, US


Joseph Ibironke, a 68-year-old man from Ondo State, shared his experiences with me. He claimed to have spent nine years in the United Kingdom and 21 years in the United States before finding himself in Nigeria after a strange illness.


In an interview with Punch, he said, “I am Pastor Joseph Ibironke from Igbara Oke, Ifedore Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State. I currently live in Lameco, Sango Ota, Ogun State, which is very close to Nigerian breweries in Sango. I am a minister of God and receive support from some people for my living.

“Before leaving Nigeria, two siblings had died out of eleven children. After returning to Nigeria, six siblings were left, but now only three remain. I attended Anglican Grammar School before proceeding to study banking and finance at UNILAG, where I did not graduate before moving to the UK.

“In London, I worked as an armed security guard at Burns International Security Services Limited after being snatched by Union Bank while working for National Bank. Later on, after moving to America, I also worked with them for some time, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Police Department, until resigning when called by God to be a pastor.

“I was married with four children but do not know their whereabouts presently, since my wife left me after my sickness took hold of me. Her name is Helen Jones, who is a citizen of Texas, and we met while living in California.

“When wanting to return home, I was advised against it due to poor conditions within Nigeria, although I eventually decided that if they could survive, then so could he, at which point he fell ill shortly thereafter, leading him back into the country’s care system.

He continued, “While under treatment at Pakoto Prayer Mountain located in Lagos State, property documents were given over by myself via my Nigerian wife, who had asked my elder brother Williams Ibironke to keep safe on our behalf. However, she was kicked out soon afterward, resulting in her ultimately selling off said house despite her promises otherwise, thus losing everything, including custody rights over both sons Kayode (who passed away several years ago) and the eldest son, whose death occurred because the mother couldn’t afford the medical fees required during the infancy stage without proper insurance coverage or funds available through personal means such as family members willing enough to offer assistance during times like these.”

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