Lady who prayed for her friend’s marriage marries the man 6 months after they divorced, story trends

A Nigerian woman, identified as Safiyyah, is currently facing backlash on social media after getting married to her friend’s husband, Ruffy, only 6 months after they got divorced.

A news has been trending online on the X platform, as Safiyyah shares video featuring her wedding with her dream man, which occurred over the weekend.

While there was no confirmed reports, many suggest that the her friend, Kawthar and husband divorced due to her adoption of feminist beliefs following their marriage.

In 2020, Sir Ruffy had married Kawthar. Following their wedding, Safiyya went under the post Sir Ruffy made to congratulate him on marrying her friend and he responded, thanking her.

Three years down the line, Sir Ruffy divorced Kawther and married Safiyya less than 6 months after the divorce.

The newlywed couple took to X to share photos and videos from their wedding ceremony.

Safiyya wrote, “By the will of Allah and the permission of my parents I got married to a man whom my heart is very much pleased with over the weekend. May Allah make this journey easy for us.A ‘udhu bi kalimatillahi at-tammati min kulli shaytaanin wa hammatin wa min kulli ‘aynin lammah”.

Sir Ruffy replied, “By the will of Allah I went out and got married to the most gorgeous woman in the entire universe. In sha Allah soyayyar Har abada baby na 2Safiyya Datti. Duniya da lahira Bi Izi’nillah Ina yin Ki”.

This came as a surprise to X users who have observed Safiyya and Kawther’s friendship over the years.

Both women have been known to exchange tweets among themselves and reply to each other’s tweets over the years.

Now, Sir Ruffy has deleted the post he made in 2020 announcing his wedding to Kawthar.

He also reposted a post made by Gimbiya Kakanda talking about the right of a person to end a marriage and move on with another person.

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