Inside Bianca Censori’s bitter fight with husband Kanye West

Bianca Censori reportedly gave her husband Kanye West an ultimatum to stop treating her like his ‘silent mute’ or risk losing her during their ‘huge’ fight in Dubai last month. 


Inside Bianca Censori


It was previously reported that the couple had argued in the wake of her trip home to Australia for the first time since they secretly tied the knot last December.

Now, sources have made additional claims about the fight, which they say saw the rapper, 46, ‘explode’ at his 28-year-old wife over fears he was losing control over her image and demeanour.


Their argument is believed to have taken place on November 25, the night before Kanye performed his controversial new track, Vultures, alongside Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign in Dubai, where Bianca was pictured laughing and dressed in a skirt and crop top.



‘Their argument exploded on the night she went out with him when she was dressed normally and was drinking and flirting,’ an insider told exclusively. 


Inside Bianca Censori


‘Kanye didn’t like this because he knew he was no longer in control. She allegedly told him she was done being his silent mute and that she is not his muse” like Kim [Kardashian, ex-wife] was and he cannot treat her as such.



‘Kanye was forced to loosen the leash or face losing her. This was a huge turning point in their relationship and ever since then, she has shown glimpses of her true self. This made her friends so happy to see her smiling and laughing and interacting in Miami.’


They finished: ‘Kanye will never get anyone better than her and he knows this.’


Bianca’s argument with Kanye is said to have ‘scared’ her friends who feel that she is being used as a ‘puppet’ by the problematic rapper.



Addressing their relationship earlier this week, an insider told ‘When she returned to Kanye for the party in Dubai, she was more herself than she’s ever been with him, but this did not sit well with him. She wore what she wanted and was seen talking to people, being flirty and having a good time.



‘This apparently caused a huge fight with them because he does not like his women to be themselves. He wants them to be sexy – but sexy with what he wants them to wear. The next time she is out she is naked with a stuffed animal…



‘This scares those who know her. Instead of carrying a teddy bear, she should be holding onto her husband’s hand. She is almost a puppet at this point in Kanye’s play.’


Back in October, insiders claimed that she has ‘no mind of her own anymore’ and instead simply ‘obeys’ Kanye, who has reportedly instructed her to ‘never speak’ – and has issued a set of rules to live by.

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