How My ex-boyfriend came crying to me after new girlfriend served him breakfast – Nigerian woman mocks ex

A Nigerian lady has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal that her ex-boyfriend is crying to her because he and his new girlfriend broke up

Tweeting via @Leeyher_x, she claimed she cooked for her ex, washed his dishes and clothes, and even swept his flat, but he ended the relationship for a new girl who refused to do anything.


He has now returned to her DM to cry after having his heart broken by the other girl with whom he had serious plans.

The lady expressed her desire to purchase goat meat for the second lady because of what she did to her ex-boyfriend.

Leeyher stated that she is now looking for a man who will not put her through all of those domestic chores again.

Netizens react:

@Mohyaress: “I have cried tirelessly. A grown-ass man who has other really important pressing issues at hand. *sighs”

@Moonlight_sira: “This is why I’m not nice cos nothing will give you the mind to come to my dm to rant this nonsense cos I’m not nice.”

@Big DC: “My problem is that you people will see good guys and leave them and then go to morons that treat you like shit when he does exactly what he does then you’ll come on the internet and say all Men are the same!”

@Falizbackup: “Where will an ex who did me dirty see audacity to text me??? God forbid. Have shame please.”

@Nita_ok: “You have time to be replying him? Lmao.He broke you and never said sorry then karma visited him and you are consoling him when he should be in your block list?”

@vicXpost: “person do u all this things and you still dey follow am yarn as per therapist na.”

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