“This Child Will Cause Trouble”: Handsome Baby Boy Who Looks Like Girl Melts Hearts

A cute baby boy who looks like a girl stunned netizens after a video of him was posted on TikTok by his mother.

The baby looks so handsome that many people mistake him for a baby girl, but he is no doubt a boy, as confirmed in the post.

Handsome baby boy.

The baby boy looks like a girl. Photo credit: TikTok/@kenandmama1.Source: TikTokThe boy has long hair like a girl, and in the video, the hair was braided into beautiful cornrows.

The mother, @kenandmama1, said in the caption of the video that she asked for a cute son and she got one.

Her words:

“I asked for a cute son, and my son really said I got you mom. Yes oo, he came with so much hair and hates barbing saloon.”

Her followers expressed their deep admiration for the child and also said they would like to give birth to a baby like him.

Watch the video below:

Netizens admire cute baby boy

@thehairville said:

“Awwww. He is so preeeeeettty. I love his diastema.”

@brown said:

“Nah boy be this? I hope he won’t turn to a girl oo.”

@astray said:

“Why this small boy resemble me? Abi na my child be this?”

@elchapo22 asked:

“Do you have a specific product for his hair?”

@Loner said:

“Shey you don rush go born my son? Anyways return my son before we reach court.”

@BIGBAIBEEYYY commented:

“Chaiii. This baby is supposed be my own ooh. I know what I’m saying.”

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