Lady stuns many as she shows off expensive gold ring she found in bale of Okirika clothes

A Nigerian lady, Mistura Ariyo, has garnered viral attention after unveiling the unexpected discoveries found in a bale of ‘Okirika‘ second-hand clothes at a market.

The Okrika seller took to the popular social media platform to showcase her findings, leaving netizens astonished at the hidden treasures.

Among the items uncovered, Mistura showed a gold ring she estimated to be worth a substantial N200,000. The ring was neatly packaged in a box resembling a gift.

She enthusiastically shared her excitement, describing the findings as “lucky” and giving viewers an inside look at the unexpected items.

In addition to the impressive gold ring, Mistura flaunted an earpiece, a gas lighter, a beaded purse, and a bundle of Chinese Yuan.

The mix of valuable items made Netizens both amused and intrigued, as it seemed like Mistura discovered them by chance.

The Okrika seller hinted that she has more surprises, promising her followers more glimpses into the unconventional treasures found in the bale of Okirika clothes.

Netizens Reactions…

@D&D Graded Thrift said; “I have two unopened bale for sale and 4 opened bake at discount prices.

@Rophiat said; “My own thrift is always full with rag, E be like say nah repack them dey sell for me, please show me way.”

@Bellibone Thriftwears commented; “Na boxers and gloves I dey always find.

@Correcthrift said; “I think the bead purse can also be used as phone pouch.

@Harbgail commented; “Wetin dem they try tell you be say make you go marry.”

@Tiffanym054 said; “I bought school bag and saw 200 yuan inside I don’t even know what to do with it though.”

@luxurylingerieboutique5 said; “As you see plenty baby stuffs, congratulations in advance. Baby is coming.”

@HoneyDee_Place said: “Na tissue I dey always see for my bale.”


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