Mercy Eke Gifts Frodd’s Daughter $11,000 as She Pays Her a Visit For the Very First Time

Big Brother Naija star Mercy Eke recently showcased her generous spirit as she visited the daughter of former housemate Frodd for the first time. In a heartwarming video posted by Sabiradio, Mercy expressed the significance of their tradition, stating, “It’s our tradition; when you see a newborn baby, you have to come with something.”



In a heartwarming display of generosity and affection, Mercy Eke, opened her purse and retrieved a substantial amount of money. With a warm smile on her face, she delicately dipped the currency, specifically dollars into the tiny hands of Frodd’s daughter, embodying a touching tradition.


Amidst the scene, Frodd and his wife stood by, observing the touching moment with gratitude and appreciation. As Mercy Eke demonstrated this act of motherly love to their daughter, the couple witnessed the strengthening of bonds that extend beyond the confines of the reality show.


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