“You all need to apologize to Mrs. Ibu”- Nigerians kick as Jasmine gets exposed for funding her travel expenses with Mr Ibu’s donation money

“Why Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter and sons were invited by the Police” – Mr. Ibu’s ex-manager speaks out

Netizens are reacting to an alleged report that Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of ailing actor Mr Ibu, has been using his donation money to fund her travel expenses.

Cutie Juls, an Instagram blogger, claimed that money donated to the actor, who is still in the hospital, is being misappropriated by his children.

According to the blog, Mr Ibu’s son is also using the money to fund his travel expenses, despite the fact that he has siblings.

Many people sided with Mr Ibu’s wife in the comments section, saying she deserved an apology.

One Dah Coochie Hub wrote, “Nah that Very Dark Man scatter this case also. Always rushing to post nonsense! Always hiding to bring down wives

One Real Mona wrote, “You all need to apologize to Mrs Ibu for bashing her

One Royal Beauty Contour wrote, “What if I say both Mrs. Ibu deserves what she is getting from Jasmine and her step-son if Mr Ibu’s first wife tells you the story of how the second wife entered you will cry. For her what goes around always comes around

One Amern Darl Couture wrote, “People who supported Jasmine need to enter kirikiri. Make una go apologize to the wife

One Priscy Ia wrote, “And where are they traveling to leaving him for the so-called wicked woman

One Sonia Queen wrote, “No woman can take what Mrs Ibu is seeing. Jasmine just took over leaving the woman out. No woman can accept that”.

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