Tems: How I Avoid Flirting With Men

Afrobeat singer, Temilade Openiyi, fondly called Tems, has opened up about her love life. Tems revealed that she only realizes a man’s romantic interest when it is explicitly stated.

The Grammy-winning singer stated this in a recent interview, stressing that she does not flirt with men because she always feels like she “accelerate things too much.” She said: “My problem is I do not realise when they are doing it because I assume the position of a sister, a friend so when I speak I am not flirting.

“I feel like I have been dodging it for so long that I genuinely do not know when it is happening until it is in my face, and they will be like ‘Look I like you’. “I do want to be a friend unless I actually like this person. If I call you my gee, and I feel something, I will still like oh yeah my gee but you are not my gee. My problem is, I am 0 over 100.

“If I am flirting, it is too much, is like really in- tense and it is either that or I do nothing. Because I always feel like I accelerate things too much.” The ‘Me & U’ hitmaker had once said that she would like to date a man who is way smarter than her to make it impossible for her to “manipulate” him.

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