How being Fela’s daughter ruined my love life – Yeni Kuti

Fela’s daughter revealed that being the child of her father once ruined the relationship she had with her ex boyfriend

How being Fela’s daughter ruined my love life – Yeni Kuti


Yeni Kuti, daughter of the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, bravely opened up about the challenges she faced in her love life due to her famous lineage.

According to Yeni Kuti, being Fela’s daughter comes with its own set of extraordinary expectations and societal preconceptions, which often overshadowed her personal pursuits for love and companionship.

The dancer and former fashion designer, revealed that growing up as Fela’s child was not easy and kind of ruined some certain things for her, especially in issues of relationship.

Yeni recalled how the mother of a guy she was dating at one time, pushed her out of their house, accusing her of seeking to ruin her son’s life.

Yeni also told the story of a lady who ended her relationship with her younger brother, Femi, after realizing he is Fela’s child.

Yeni however stated that things have improved as they grow older.

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