“My success is heavily influenced by her family” Afeez Owo sheds light on his humble beginnings with Fumi Marina and Mide Martins

Nollywood filmmaker and director Afeez Owo Abiodun recently opened up about his connection with his mother-in-law, Funmi Martins, during a conversation with Biola Bayo on her Talk with B show.

Afeez Owo shared the story of how he first encountered Funmi Martins, lived alongside her, and eventually became part of the family. He discussed the strong bond that developed with Mide Martins upon her return to Nigeria, highlighting how she frequently sought his advice on various matters, including those involving her mother, and even requested him to guide and counsel his wife.

“Mide Martins was not in Nigeria she’s in the UK. When she came to Nigeria, she lived with her mother at Challenge, Mushin, in a one room apartment.

Mide’s mum lived with her 2 siblings including the actress who makes them four in the apartment. Before Mide’s arrival, he was already staying with them as the only man.

I don’t know the love between Mide and I, she doesn’t do anything without consulting me and her mother often took my help in discipling her.

My success is heavily influenced by her family…”

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