Prince Eke tells Mr Ibu to seek forgiveness for allegedly sleeping with Jasmine

Nollywood actor Prince Eke, ex-husband of music artiste and actress Muma Gee, has penned a note to ailing actor Mr Ibu over his wife’s allegations against him and Jasmine, his adopted daughter.

Prince Eke writes Mr Ibu over infidelity allegations with Jasmine.

Prince Eke Writes Mr Ibu Over Infidelity With Adopted Daughter. Photo credit @therealmribu/@realprinceekeSource: Instagram

there had been drama in Mr Ibu’s family over allegations of misappropriating the funds raised for the actor. Verdarkblackman had alleged that Stella Marris Okafor, Mr Ibu’a’s wife, wanted to use the money for personal luxuries.

Jasmine’s former husband also accused her of sleeping with the actor’s son, and it was also alleged that she was bedding the ailing actor at a point in her life.

Taking to his Instagram, Prince Eke made his opinion about the infidelity saga between Mr Ibu and his adopted daughter, Jasmine, known.

According to him, if it is indeed true that the actor was having an affair with Jasmine, he should ask God for forgiveness.

He further stated that the actor’s problem should be attacked spiritually because of what he had done

See the message Prince Eke wrote to Mr Ibu here:

Fans react to the message Eke wrote to Mr Ibu

Netizens have reacted to the note Prince Eke penned for Mr Ibu. Here are some of the comments below.


“But where’s this girl family.


“Weather na this girl slept Mr ibu sick self we nor know.”


“Wives are most times always right. He will make you look crazy to the world and be ready to even pay for therapy, but deep within he knows why you are going crazy. Wicked people.”

@melanie _kay:

“Some men have no oita of respect for the institution called Marriage. Imagine bringing a side chick home while still living with your wife! Gosh.”


“Some men and Creating problems upon them!. Mr Ibu no try abeg!”


“Adopted daughter indeed, now where is that very dark mumu man? Mtcheeeeew!”


“Na sin dem dey commit.”


‘See how d gal is glowing and shining, so u kno want d woman wnat too.”

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