I caught Mr Ibu’s son sleeping with Jasmine – Ex-hubby spills, fears for his life (VIDEO)

I caught Mr Ibu’s son sleeping with her – Jasmine’s Ex-hubby spills, fears for his life (VIDEO)


The juicy family saga of the renowned Nigerian actor, John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu, has kicked it up a notch with the twist of Jasmine’s US-Based ex-husband entering the scene.

Flashback to 2022 when Jasmine walked down the aisle, and within a mere nine months, their love story went up in flames, which turned into a public spectacle.

Amidst the swirling accusations of fund mismanagement for the ailing actor, Jasmine’s ex-husband wasted no time clapping back at the claims of her getting cozy with the actor’s second son, Daniel Okafor.

In a video shared on Instagram by celebrity blogger Tosin Silverdam, Jasmine’s ex-hubby spilled the beans on how he’s living in fear for his life, citing concerns involving both her and Mr. Ibu’s son.

Taking it a step further, he didn’t hold back, emphasizing the viral whispers that they’re not just family members but passionate lovers, entwined in a relationship that goes beyond the surface.

He said in part:

“I just want to prove my point that they were sleeping together, I caught them, so if anything happens to me, it’s because of Dan Okafor and Jasmine.” 



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