“Your mother spoilt your life”- Sonia rubbishes ex-husband, Jude Ighalo, accuses him of impregnating women

“You are going down”- Footballer, Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife Sonia tells him as they clash online

Sonia Ighalo, the estranged wife of footballer Jude Ighalo, has accused him of having multiple pregnancies.

Sonia, also known as Adesuwa, had dragged him hours before, imploring him to tell the world how she had altered his life.

She claimed she was the one who sponsored his move to the UK, assisted his older brother with his move, and assisted him in his last Nations Cup after they were humiliated in Russia.

Sonia claimed that despite being in a relationship, her ex is yet to let her go. She also revealed details about his previous relationships with celebrities.

Now, the mother of three has accused her children’s father of having other pregnancies around the world.

She stated that his mother has spoilt him and hopes he doesn’t exhaust his money since he has children to cater to.

“Jesus baby impregnating different all over the world. Your mama too spoil your life. Well, it’s a covenant.
Hope your money no go finish wey u take dey pay people to dey comment rubbish from blog to blog cause children school fees don near o”.

Sonia had began dragging her former earlier this week after he responded to an Instagram user asking him not to take her back.

The mother of his children had previously called him a narcissist, claiming that the footballer was expecting she would return and is now scared.

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