Veteran Actor Chiwetalu Agu Reveals Challenges of Supporting Colleagues in Medical Crises

Renowned Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu, has opened up about the financial challenges faced by veteran actors in the Nigerian film industry, shedding light on the difficulties they encounter in supporting each other, especially in times of medical emergencies.



According to a report by Punch, Agu addressed the prevailing misconception that Nollywood actors are financially buoyant and unwilling to lend support to their colleagues. He emphasized that many veteran actors are grappling with financial constraints, making it challenging for them to provide substantial assistance, particularly when faced with colleagues’ exorbitant medical bills.

Agu said, “Most veteran actors are living in past glory. Actors barely have enough money to take care of themselves, not to mention sending money to someone whose medical bills cost millions. Some actors don’t get a job for as long as six months.”

Expressing concern for his fellow actors, Agu called on the government to play a more active role in supporting sick actors. He argued that individuals who have contributed significantly to the country’s cultural, like many Nigerian actors have, deserve assistance from the government during times of dire need.

“Whenever a practitioner needs help, the government should not neglect the person. Many Nigerian actors have made a good name for the country, so why should the government hesitate to help them in times of dire need?” Agu questioned.

Furthermore, Agu criticized the government’s allocation of substantial funds to luxury items such as cars, suggesting that this misplaced spending reflects a lack of sensitivity to the urgent needs of the Nigerian people. He urged authorities to prioritize the welfare of citizens over ostentatious expenditures.

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