Iyabo Ojo Replies Very Dark Man, Reveals What Really Happened with Naira Marley

“She wanted to sleep with Naira” – Verydarkman shares old video of Iyabo Ojo receiving flowers from singer

Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, has responded to social media activist Very Dark Man’s assertions that the actress had an intimate relationship with the beleaguered musician Naira Marley.

The two have been at odds for days, dumping dirt on each other, with quite Dark Man providing video proof proving that Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley were formerly quite close.

Iyabo and Naira Marley were so close, according to VeryDarkMan, that he brought her flowers. VDM claimed in the video that Iyabo originally mistook the flowers for her daughter, implying that there was something going on between the two (naira Marley and Iyabo Ojo’s daughter) and herself (Iyabo Ojo).

Replying him in a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she noted how many used a similar statement when she defended Baba Ijesha, by claiming she was in a relationship with him.

Iyabo further noted how the greatest weapon used to fight a woman is slut shaming and it is already far time worn.

She added that her haters and critics need to recruit millions as they aren’t up to her.

“Oya make una receive new updates: I didn’t only receive flowers o, I went to his shows too, odesins

I remembered they used this same narrative then, saying bcos baba Ijesha no gree date me that’s why I was against him.

dear Ologunfunfun1, your eyes and ears shall see many, many things and hear many, many, more jargon

Anyways, the greatest weapon used to fight a woman is slut shaming, please note! that weapon is far timeworn, next!!!

Awon didirin, so bcos I once called myself a marlians, tiktoked his video, and sent upcoming artist to him to help promote their music, I should look away, keep quiet, and not seek justice for Mohbad, a ni isiku gbogbo yin o ni jeree

Come to think of it, which planet did you zombies fall from, you all had memory loss or something, then all of a sudden you’ll remember he sent me flowers, which kind standing fans una be sef, a ni werey lo poju ninu yin ..iku ojiji lo ma pa gbogbo eyin distractions yin danu

They need to recruit 100 million of you bcos una no reach

Na those ones way dey shout like say gii ri hold dem and those one’s way dey swear for dem self, dey make me laugh pass.

Well for your information my back to sender, o strong gan ni o, when it starts to manifest, just note that nobody do you ooo, na for yourself you take your own mouth curse yourself ooo, na the back to sender return am back to you jejely in full doze, if you don’t get it forget about it, gbogbo yin la pa po, walai! ekere si number me.

Yes! Employers of distractors, please note, you need to do better, get better distractors ooo bcos na association of werey agbayes una pack full una team oo, case dey to answer oo, station no settle ooo

Anyways, ka cool fun gbogbo yin la pa po, ti e ba da ke lori oro mi, eni jere, your blood must dry, e ma gbo ku ni.

I’m so sorry if you don’t understand Yoruba. Ask a Yoruba friend to translate.

Na 7th of Nov I dey wait for so and also Ikeja general hospital please make una do release autopsy results now, make a proper case for begin .. ire o”.

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