“I spent N100k at the supermarket and my trolley was not full”- Mary Njoku cries out

“Why do we put so much energy into living a fake life” -Mary Njoku quizzes

The difficulties and status of the nation’s economy have angered Nollywood actress and CEO of ROK Studios, Mary Remmy Njoku.

The mother of three disclosed on her Instagram page that she went grocery shopping and spent N100,000, but her cart was empty.

Mary, looking perplexed, remarked that “Sapa,” or poverty, in Nigeria, is at an all-time high and asked what the minimum salary was.

The actor went on to inquire about the Christmas preparations of the common people.

The sapa in Nigeria has gone Pro Max!!

How is the average man planning for Christmas?

This is crãzy!! I spent 100k at the supermarket and the trolley no full. How is minimum wage?”.

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