Popular Nigerian Crossdresser Battles For Life 24 Hours After Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, better known as Jay Boogie, is currently battling for his life over a failed botched cosmetic surgery performed in Lekki, Lagos State.

a Nigerian doctor, Loveth Jennifer, based in Namibia, had called out her colleague who performed the surgery.

In a post via her Instagram page, Jennifer disclosed that Jay Boogie is in critical condition and has not been able to urinate for 24 hours following the cosmetic surgery procedure.

She added that the surgeon who performed the botched surgery dumped Jay Boogie in a weird hospital, claiming the crossdresser had kidney issues before the surgery.

She wrote: “Nothing must happen to jay_boogiee. You are messing with the wrong human! Don’t think because she is a trans person in Nigeria then there are no people to fight for her because e will shock you. @jay_boogie has not been able to pass urine for 24 hours now after surgery, and you think it makes sense to dump her in a weird hospital and claim she has kidney issues?”


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