Actress Julia Fox claims her split from Kanye West led to her missing out on a lucrative $1million deal with a denim brand

Actress Julia Fox claims her split from Kanye West led to her missing out on a lucrative million deal with�a�denim�brand

Julia Fox has claimed her break-up with Kanye West led to her missing a lucrative fashion deal.


In another revelation from her memoir Down the Drain, the Uncut Gems actress writes how the rapper helped her secure a million-dollar deal with an Italian denim label.


Kanye suggested the collaboration in the early days of their romance in January 2022, according to Julia.

She writes that Kanye, who she refers to as ‘The Artist’ throughout the book promised to secure her a ‘million-dollar deal’.

‘The next day, he puts me in touch with an Italian denim company and they start negotiating on my behalf,’ she continues. ‘I can’t believe this is my life, but I can definitely get used to it.’

The pair went on to famously wear matching denim ensembles for Paris Couture Week in January.


But with her subsequent split from Kanye, the deal fell apart. Julia explained how she moments after she asked her publicist to tell the media about their split, she learned the deal was off.

‘It’s contingent on you being his girlfriend,’ Julia says she was told.


The book contains many revelations about her brief courtship with Kanye in early 2022, including the claim that he offered to pay for a boob job during a game of Uno.


She wrote that the pair had been hanging out in a hotel room when the 46-year-old music artist made the shocking proposal.

And in a recent interview with  The Los Angeles Times, Julia spoke about it further.


Although she said she ‘really understood him on a visceral level’ and believed their pairing ‘could be something real,’ Julia said Kanye did not treat her the way she expected. ‘I just felt like his little puppet,’ she explained.


‘I know for a fact I’ve been up for certain things and couldn’t do it because of dating Kanye. It’s kind of wild,’ she told the publication.

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