Le@ked video captures how Cee C and Cross reacted to Ilebaye’s win

The reactions of Cee C and Cross to the announcement that Ilebaye, another BBNaija contestant, had won the All Stars season were captured on a leaked video.

When Ebuka declared Ilebaye the season’s champion, Cross and Cee C were both in the backstage area.

Cross gave Cee C a deflated expression as she stormed out of the room in response.

True_son247 commented: “I feel they actually gave her the game, also Ike was paid to act that particular script that triggers this whole situation on that faithful day. How on earth do you think one ll come from no where and litter ilebaye’s cloth on the floor just like that.”

Kiddiesroyale reacted: “Who ever recorded the video should sacked like.seriously this is not a good thing for the production team they were in their private place Multichoice ended up running most of this house mates street.”

__awmimi reacted: “If this was buyable why do you all think the other housemates who have more money or influence buy? Some people were even buying immunity to Finale, but Ilebaye worked her ass out to the finale. Haha I understand you all are still in pains. It will continue to pain you till forever. She has won and that’s all that matters. Shebi you all underestimated her, you all called her names, you all said she wasn’t worthy to win, God just prove to you all that his ways are not the ways of men. Learn to show love to everyone irrespective of any social status. I rest my case.

Esther_shokoya added: “llebaye win na pure win no cap. There are a lot of people that intentionally voted for llebaye to prove all those people that are treating her unfairly in the house and nothing more and this housemates are even the one that played her fvckin game for her.”


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