I haven’t touched the N120M I won from BBNaija – Illebaye brags

BBNaija season 8 winner Illebaye has said she is yet to spend out of her N120M winnings on the show.

The winner of BBNaija season 8 reality tv show Ilebaye Precious Odiniya commonly called Illebaye has said she hasn’t spent a kobo from her N120M prize. 

Illebaye who won the show last year disclosed this on her Snapchat page while chatting with some fans about her life.

Baye had posted about stepping out, something she rarely does and wa sacked by fans why she didn’t venture out more often.

“Praise God the star is out today Baye why do you keep doing this.l hope you won’t run back inside after 2days?”

She replied:

“Hmmm, I’m trying my best. I’m serious. You’ll too serious and full of hate that’s why I hate posting and letting you’ll in my life. Have always been a chilling and traveling no posting person. But I’m doing this cause if my Bayetribe +

I love my quite win life, helps gain more, live more, no competition, zero drama and unnecessary fake showing like some of your faves. Lol”

When another fan suggested that people might consider her broke for not stepping out more often and showing off, she noted that she was not poor and had barley touched her winnings yet.

A fan asked:

“When you dont post people will think you are broke

but Small n dangerous”

Baye replied:

“Lmaoo! When it comes to being broke don’t add llebaye’s name to that circle girl!! lol, as le in brokenness isn’t my portion and I Thank God for using Big Brother to have my own moneyyyyyyy.

Because I don’t post doesn’t mean I don’t have. If I dey post,

Una For die of hate a a la la I’m saving you guys from unnecessary High BP*+ 1 never even touch that 120M yet. Lmaoo. You think it’s by posting designers that make you rich”

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