After I Visited A Head Of State, I Came Back Thanking God That Its Easier To See Jesus -E.A Adeboye

During RCCG September Special Sunday Service, Pastor E. A. Adeboye recalled when he first visited a Head of State. When he came back from the visit, he said it is easier to see Jesus. He shared this short story to remind Christians what they stand to benefit when they become born again.

According to Pastor E. A. Adeboye from the video (55:02): “By the grace of God, I have gained access to many Heads of States around the world. Speaking from experience, when you have a private audience with a Head of State, you have to pass through many Gates. Maybe by the time you pass the 6th Gate, they must have taken your phone.


“The first time I visited a Head of State, I came back thanking God that it is easier to see Jesus than to see a President or Head of State. I don’t need to go through any gate and if I need help, the moment I say Jesus, I am the presence of the Most High. Get born again to enjoy this.”

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