Beyonce CONFIRMS Pregnancy w/ Baby Number FOUR

Media Take Out has been hearing whispers for months, that Beyonce is pregnant with her fourth child. And last night, Beyonce all but confirmed our EXCLUSIVE reports.

We spoke with multiple people close to Jay Z and Beyonce, and everyone believes that Bey and Jay will have a fourth child. Four is a special number for the couple. Jay Z was born on December 4th, and Beyonce on September 4th. They were married on April 4th. And the couple has the number 4 tatted on their ring fingers.

So it only makes sense that they would have four children. Media Take Out confirmed that currently the couple only have 3 kids – Blue, Sir and Rumi.

Well we’ve been hearing rumblings that Beyonce may be expecting her fourth. And last night, during her Renaissance concert, Bey all but confirmed it.

If you look closely at Beyonce’s outfits – there appears to be a bit more room in the mid section area. Her waist was snatched when the tour first started.

This was her from last night:

Also, Beyonce added a little belly rub to her performance, and a smirk. She’s definitely trying to tell us something:

@bswithchris Girl…dont get me wrong…I’ll be incredibly happy for you but the selfish beyhive member in me can’t wait no more 😭 original video: @Mikey Monis #beyonce #renaissanceworldtour#renaissanceworldtour2023#renaissancetourbeyonce#renaissancetour2023 #beyonceconcert#concert #rwt2023 #fyp #foryoupage#relatable #funny #comedy ♬ original sound – CHRIS VARGAS

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