“Becus of Peter Obi I lost a deal of $250k”: Sabinus’ manager cries out, talks about 2023 elections

As Nigerians awaken to the reality of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, more public figures begin to voice their thoughts about the court’s verdict.

Mike Premium, Sabinus’ manager, is one of the influential voices who recently went online to air his thoughts, noting how Peter Obi was misled.

Photos of Mike Premium, Sabinus and Peter Obi

The convener of Youth in Politics noted during a chat with Legit.ng’s Nosa Oke-Hortons that Peter Obi’s movement was arrogant and dangerous to the country’s stability.

Mike revealed during the interview how he lost a N188m deal just because he wasn’t a Peter Obi supporter.

“I’m an Atiku supporter” – Mike Premium noted and gives reasons why

During our conversation, Mike reiterated that he supported former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar during the 2023 presidential elections and even mobilised a youth movement for him without being paid a penny. He also shared his reasons for supporting the PDP man.

“I supported Atiku for the presidential elections. He is what we need as a country. Peter Obi might have the capacity, but he lacked the support needed. Maybe in a saner country, he could have won but not in Nigeria, where the strong men, the movers and shakers in the country were not supporting him he had no chance whatsoever.”

Premium also spoke about the PEPT’s verdict, noting that there was no way Obi could’ve won in court because politics is not won or driven by emotions.

“All the noise on social media, can’t be transformed to evidence. Politics nor the court don’t deal with emotions. To make headway in politics you have to be brutal with fierce concrete evidences not noise and emotional blackmail.”

“I lost a $250k deal just because I wasn’t supporting Peter Obi” – Mike revealed

Premium shared his thoughts about the Obidient movement and how it became a dangerous convent that was willing to take food from the mouth of people who didn’t support Peter Obi.

“Imagine somebody cancelling a deal worth $250,000 (N188.5m) with me just because I wasn’t supporting Peter Obi. Some Obidients were just too vile and dangerous they went as far as destroying some of my businesses. Some condemned me, some unfollowed me online, and I had friends and family members who all cut me off because of my choice. All of this just because of Obi.”

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