Reactions as Portable Makes a Splash by Spraying Cash in Swimming Pool [Video]

The controversial Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable has once again become headline over a recent video. It’s like this Portable guy is a living and breathing controversy. It will not be a surprise if the Nigerian Police Force pick up again for this audacious act.

In a video that’s currently making waves across the internet, a well-known musician hailing from Ogun State is making headlines for his extravagant display of generosity. In a peculiar twist of events, the artist was captured on camera showering bundles of cash into a swimming pool.

This spectacle unfolded just days after Portable, as he is commonly known, faced public scrutiny from his second baby mama, who accused him of neglecting their child.

In the video footage, Portable can be seen enjoying a leisurely moment by the poolside, surrounded by friends and enthusiastic fans. Suddenly, he decides to turn the water into a cash haven, letting loose a cascade of money into the pool.

As the cash floated on the water’s surface, an adventurous individual took the plunge, diving into the pool to collect the drifting bills. The scene is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

Witness the video for yourself:

Of course, the online community wasted no time in chiming in with their thoughts and opinions on this extravagant display. While some praised Portable for his largesse, others criticized him for what they perceived as wastefulness. Here are a few selected reactions from social media users:

officialmarleytiny said, “I can’t tell nobody how to spend their money but that’s wasting of money, Just give them the dämn money‼️”

derickrose28 said, “How will someone spray pool when people are beside him and you are telling me portable is normal?🥴🤭🌚”.

ace_milla said, “If to sey I Dey there sef: with this country’s current situation… I no wan know if I wear Balenciaga Boot 🥾 😂😂 I Dey enter 🏊‍♀️ the water straight 🤠”.

official_beyoung said, “Even mami water go reject that kind money😂🤣🤣🤣”.

idoma_attire said, “Werey ! Your pikin never chop you dey do give away for marine spirit 😂”.

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