I Couldn’t Face My Mom When Me & My Friend Were Accused Of Having 3-some With A Politician”Ada Jesus



Comedienne Ada Jesus, has used her interview with media personality, Chude to reveal how she felt when she was accused of sl€eping with a politician and her friend. She made it known that she could not face her mother when she was accused of having three-some affairs with her friend and a politician.



She stated that when she read the news on a blog, she was shaking, and she had to contact the blogger to share the evidence with the public. She disclosed that she had never met the politician in person before and that people should stop spreading untrue news about her and her friend.



In the statement she made during the interview, she said, “I couldn’t face my mom when me and my friend were accused of having a three-some with a politician. When I saw the news on a blog, I was shaking because I couldn’t believe it, and I had to tell the blogger to provide evidence to back up his claim.”


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