Don’t Ever Call Me Alhaja Or Iya Adini Again Prominent Actress Warns As She Dumps Islam

Popular actress Lizzy Anjorin has expressed her frustration regarding being addressed as ‘Alhaja,’ a title she once proudly embraced as a Muslim. In a recent video, she lashed out at steadfast fans who continued to use the Islamic honorific, citing her decision to distance herself from Islam due to relentless online bullying and harassment. Anjorin conveyed her disappointment at the perceived lack of support from fellow Muslims and Islamic organizations during her trying times.

She stated, “Do not refer to me as Alhaja or Iya Adini again. I did not receive any support from the Muslim community on social media.” This strong reaction comes as Anjorin’s way of asserting her newfound stance, having faced considerable challenges with her online presence. The actress revealed that she has chosen to sever her connections with Islam, a decision stemming from the absence of the backing she expected during her ordeals.

See Netizens reactions below to Lizzy Anjorin on her stance not to be called an

Alhaja crowny_wealth: “There’s a slim line btw outspoken n speaking for oneself and gradually turning into a mad woman, how can one person have so much people to fight Laikin se werey.”

kemilizzy23: “Because you chose to fight, na everyone you don fight finish. You no Dey taya.”

nickipresh_: “From Christian to Islam from Islam to Yeye. Awww omo oshoringa.”

roslyn_anointed_emmanuel: “They should please get this lady help… She needs help.”

dr_alwaysrozy: “She ain’t a serious Muslim to begin with “

ndagiamir: “How do one defend rubbish? May Almighty God heal her – Amen.”

g_abisola: “I blame the Alfas that gave you the title of Borokini Adini. Msheeww.”

i_am_omoladeabimbola: “Make una dey play sebi she was a Christian before now she don denounce Islam again yeye mesho isoun.”

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