6 Years Ago, I Wanted To Commit Suicide Because Of My Weight, I Was So Depressed _ Real Warri Pikin

Popular Nigerian Comedian Warri Pikin few minutes ago in her official Facebook page posted a video sharing her weight lost experience. She shared how terrible it was to be on diet, to go through exercise, fatigue, and other experience.


Warri Pikin was petit before she got married to her husband Ikechukwu. but after giving birth to two kids, she began to gain excessive weight which lead to fatigue, weakness, knee pains, and she sometimes fainted. Due to all experience, she was so depressed and she wanted to commit suicide but because of her husband Ikechukwu, she didn’t.



This year, she decided to go on a weight lost surgery to lose her weight. Her husband and family was by her side throughout the surgery.

She had a successful weight lost surgery, and today she has the normal weight she wanted and she is not falling sick like before. She now looks normal, beautiful, and sound.





Click here to watch the video.

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