BBN All Stars: “You’re Claiming Loyalty But Yet Toasting Illebaye’s “Man” – Venita Charges At Doyin

Nigerian reality TV star and all stars housemate Venita Akpofure recently directed an accusation at fellow housemate Doyin where the former claimed that the latter is screaming loyalty for Illebaye but yet toasting her man Cross.



Few days ago, Illebaye’s clothes were scattered on the floor to her dismay and that of other housemates. The culprit was unknown at the time until Big Brother revealed it was Ike in a video which he displayed to the housemates. Ike was issued a strike and an eventual punishment should he survive tomorrow’s evictions. Doyin who saw the act as violation of woman values lashed out at Ike and Venita who was seen in the video. Doyin rained insultive words at Venita who charged back at Doyin. Venita called Doyin’s act of loyalty towards Illebaye fake. Venita further stated that Doyin secretly goes after Illebaye’s man Cross and yet is claiming loyalty .

“You are claiming loyalty but yet you are toasting Cross and you know Illebaye likes Cross”.

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