“You call mine silicone, but your backside looks injected with cement” – Chichi slams Phyna

Chichi, BBNaija Star, critiques Phyna's derrière

Popular BBNaija star Chichi has openly criticized fellow celebrity Phyna’s backside, alleging that it appears to have been enhanced with unnatural substances.

The exchange began when Phyna took to her social media platform to showcase her derrière, asserting that her curves were entirely natural and throwing subtle shade at those who had undergone silicone enhancements.

Chichi, BBNaija Star, critiques Phyna's derrière
A photo of Chichi.

However, the situation escalated when a video of Phyna dancing at an event surfaced online. Observant netizens swiftly commented on the apparent abnormality of her backside in the video, setting the stage for Chichi to enter the fray.

Known for her outspoken nature, Chichi seized the opportunity to fire back at Phyna, asserting that Phyna’s posterior seemed to have been injected with cement to achieve its current form.

Chichi, BBNaija Star, critiques Phyna's derrière
A photo of Phyna.

Furthermore, Chichi playfully insinuated that Phyna draws her inspiration from Chichi herself, implying that she is the source of Phyna’s glamorous persona.

Chichi wrote;

Fact remains I am the fountain you fetch your inspirations from. You call mine silicon, yours is injected cement in your derrière. I’m your Mother! 🐖

See below;

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